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About the Trail of Heroes

Trail of Heroes entrance

The Trail of Heroes was built by the sweat of Kansas City Missouri police officers and volunteers to honor fallen members of the police department. The trail winds around the Shoal Creek Patrol and Police Academy campus, alongside a lake and a pond, and behind the Pleasant Valley Athletic Complex.

The trail features benches and posts that have been dedicated to specific fallen officers and Department members. The first portion of the trail is devoted to officers who have died in the line of duty. The second part of the trail is devoted to members of the Police Department who have passed away off-duty or after retirement.

From the time Police Chief James Corwin (now retired) instructed the KCPD’s Facilities Management Division to oversee the creation of the Trail of Heroes, there were many people who put time and effort into clearing and constructing the trail. Both work and materials were volunteered.

Employees of the Facilities Management Division and the Capital Improvements Unit have continued to maintain and improve the Trail since its dedication on October 30, 2008.

Anyone interested in donating money for a memorial bench along the Trail can call KCPD’s Capital Improvements Unit at 816-581-0682 or e-mail contact@trailofheroes.com.  See “Sponsor a Memorial” for more details.